Scattered and Kept, by Thomas Boston

As it turns out, the 12-volume Complete Works of Thomas Boston is in fact incomplete. Here are twenty-five of Boston’s sermons, in print again for the first time in 250 years. Our edition also includes three further sermons, transcribed from unpublished manuscripts for the first time ever. Find out more …

464-page hardback, £24 plus p&p. Place an order.

Fighting the Good Fight, by Hugh M Cartwright

What encouragements do Christians have in the struggle against self, sin and Satan? In this volume, Hugh M Cartwright shows how we are equipped with the whole armour of God, and explores the characteristics of those blessed people who, united to Christ, daily fight the good fight of faith. Find out more …

280pp hardback, £15 plus p&p. Place an order. (Order in Canada)

The Mystery of Providence, by John J Murray

In four succinct chapters, John J Murray explains the key truths of the doctrine of providence. With plenty of examples from Scripture, he sets out the Bible’s teaching on the wonderful works of God and shows how providence both brings glory to God and prepares God’s people for glory. Find out more …

142pp paperback, £4.95 plus p&p. Place an order. (Order in Canada)

Worship and Witness in Crisis, edited by Matthew A Vogan and Matthew J Hyde

This edited collection of essays explores how the church has responded to the coronavirus crisis. Neither complacent nor condemnatory, contributors from various denominations across the UK reflect on the events of 2020-21 from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives. Find out more …

296pp paperback, £10.95 plus p&p. Place an order. (Order in Canada)

The Adoption of Sons, by Thomas Houston

The Adoption of Sons takes us through the key doctrinal, practical and experimental aspects of the precious subject of God’s adoption of sons. Our edition is enhanced by a biographical introduction by Rev Stephen Steele, Stranraer, and a theological introduction by Rev Ian Macleod, Grand Rapids. Find out more …

212pp paperback, £8.50 + p&p. Place an order. (USA orders) (Order in Canada)

A Call to the Church in the Pandemic, by David Campbell

A Call to the Church in the Pandemic is a selection of addresses by Rev David Campbell during the lockdown of spring 2020. Based on a range of Scripture passages, here is one pastor’s attempt to wrestle with the meaning of this unexpected providence. Find out more …

216pp paperback, £8.50 plus p&p. Place an order.

Messages from Captivity, by Allan MacColl

During the lockdown of spring 2020, Rev Allan W MacColl produced a series of sermons on the first half of Ezekiel’s prophecy (chapters 1-24). These sermons uncover the meaning of Ezekiel’s perplexing prophecies and bring the themes of his ministry to bear on our contemporary situation. Find out more …

176pp paperback, £8.50 plus p&p. Place an order.

Walking in the Light, by Hugh M Cartwright

Walking in the Light is a selection of prayer meeting addresses delivered by Rev Hugh M Cartwright (1943-2011) during his pastorate in Edinburgh. The 24 addresses are arranged in 5 themes, including the gospel in Galatians, the ‘walk’ in Ephesians, and the ‘full assurances’ of faith, hope and love. Find out more …

250pp paperback, £9.95 plus p&p. Place an order. (Order in Canada)


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