Worship and Witness in Crisis

Worship and Witness in Crisis, edited by Matthew A Vogan and Matthew J Hyde

This edited collection of essays explores how the church has responded to the coronavirus crisis. Neither complacent nor condemnatory, contributors from various denominations across the UK reflect on the events of 2020-21 from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives.

Worship and Witness in Crisis presents the reflections of a range of pastors and other Christians based in the UK. This book does not set out to criticise the church. Instead it seeks to analyse the questions Covid has posed to the church, from a biblical and historical perspective, with the aim of equipping the church for the future.

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What people are saying …

“Readers may not agree with all the conclusions reached by the different contributors. Nevertheless, all the issues they have raised are legitimate ones which individual Christians, church officers, congregations, and denominations need to face honestly before God. …

The book is effectively a call to self-examination, to reflection on our responses to the pandemic itself and to government intervention in particular. The contributors are persuaded that blessing will come if we are prepared to learn from previous mistakes and together seek the blessing of the presence of Christ.”

Austin Walker, review, Banner of Truth, November 2021

“… the Church desperately needs books like Worship and Witness in Crisis: Has the Church Failed the Covid Test? In fact, we probably need many more such books. …

The big lesson of Worship and Witness is that right theology is vital. We need good theologies of church and government, of worship, of truth. We may not get there overnight but we need to be thinking about these issues and teaching them. It is not just the leaders but the people in the pews who need to see the big picture so that when the next crisis hits (or as this one continues) we will have ready responses.”

Letters from Nebby, review, August 2021

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