Messages from Captivity

Messages from Captivity: Sermons from Ezekiel 1-24, by Allan W. MacColl

During the lockdown of spring 2020, Rev Allan W MacColl produced a series of sermons on the first half of Ezekiel’s prophecy (chapters 1-24). These sermons, published as Messages from Captivity, uncover the meaning of Ezekiel’s perplexing prophecies and bring the themes of his ministry to bear on our contemporary situation.

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What people are saying…

“Dr MacColl draws out very appropriate lessons for our own day. … these messages are an excellent introduction into this fascinating book of Ezekiel and are highly recommended.”

– Rev W.A. Weale, review, The Free Presbyterian Magazine, April 2021

“The author chooses his texts wisely, enabling him to cover various topics and make appropriate applications as he goes on. He touches on a range of subjects, from idolatry (p.48) and backsliding (p.92) to responsibility (p.122) and sheltering under the blood of Christ (p.69). There are also whole sermons on restoration, pride and humility, the severity of sin and the love of God. A lot of his exhortations come in the form of very direct questions, whether they be to the professing Christian, “Are you getting a sweet-smelling savour from Christ?” (p.143) or to the unconverted, “Will you join with the dying thief, who took Christ to be his king when all the world had despised and rejected him?” (p.111).”

– Kevin N MacDonald, review, Free Church Witness, September 2021

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