A Call to the Church

A Call to the Church, by David Campbell

A Call to the Church in the Pandemic is a selection of addresses by Rev David Campbell (Edinburgh) during the lockdown of spring 2020. The 14 addresses are based on a range of Scripture passages, each considering different aspects of the providence of the pandemic.

Here is one pastor’s attempt to wrestle with the meaning of this unexpected providence. What message should we hear from God in these unprecedented times?

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What people are saying…

“This book is well worth reading. There are very helpful insights for ministers looking for material of an evangelistic nature. It is very challenging to the Lord’s people regarding indwelling sin.”

– Rev. Iain Smith, review, The Free Church Witness, May 2021

“While not every reader will agree with all the points made in the book, there is a great deal in it that everyone should find profitable.”

– Rev. K.D. Macleod, review, The Free Presbyterian Magazine, September 2021

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