Walking in the Light

Walking in the Light, by Hugh M Cartwright

Walking in the Light is a selection of prayer meeting addresses delivered by Rev Hugh M Cartwright (1943-2011) during his pastorate in Edinburgh.

The 24 addresses are arranged in 5 themes, including the gospel in Galatians, the ‘walk’ in Ephesians, and the ‘full assurances’ of faith, hope and love.

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Customers in Canada

This title is also available in Canada from Reformed Book Services.

What people are saying …

“Here we have a fine selection of the notes made by Mrs Catherine Hyde of numerous addresses by Rev Hugh Cartwright when he was the minister of Edinburgh Free Presbyterian Church. They show him explaining Scripture clearly – not only the context of his text but also each phrase and often single words of the text, all laced with pertinent application. Readers of the book who heard him in the pulpit will no doubt be distinctly reminded of his profound and lucid preaching and be glad that he who is now dead yet speaks in those pages. The notes are not mere outlines of the addresses but give the edifying substance of them. … We heartily recommend it and hope it proves a blessing to many.”

– Rev Neil Ross, review, The Free Presbyterian Magazine, November 2020

“This is a most attractive little volume, a neat white hardback with a beautiful watercolour on the cover of the Edinburgh Free Presbyterian Church on Gilmore Place.
… It may not sound a very promising basis for a book, but Mrs Hyde’s notes are coherent and full, and clearly give the main substance of each address, albeit in concise form. …
These are helpful, careful and warm little addresses, short enough in this format to be read as a daily devotional over a month or so. The book is highly recommended.”

– Rev Alasdair J Macleod, review, Free Church Witness, September 2021

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